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How did you get into nail art?
It wasn't until 2011 that I really got into nail art. It's sort of a funny story how I started, actually. For Halloween I did this on 2 of my fingernails to make them look like they were broken. I followed a youtube tutorial that looked really awesome... but it dyed those two fingernails red. I couldn't get the stains out no matter what I did so I decided to just let them grow out. And to cover the stains I kept them painted. But I got bored of just plain color. So I went on goggle and youtube, therefore discovering Nail Art! My nails have been grown out for months now but I still paint them!

How many nail polishes do you have?
This question can be answered in this deviation!

What nail polish did you use?
I always post in the description what nail polishes and acrylic paints I use in the featured manicure. Check 'em out! I have a variety of brands, from the expensive OPI to the cheap Wet and Wild. You don't have to use the exact nail polish I used. As long as it's the same color (ex. red, blue, dark green) you'll be fine. ^_^

How do you store your nail polish?
This question can be answered in this deviation!

What is your favorite brand of nail polish?
Now that is a tough question. It depends.
I really like OPI's color variety (and their formula is fantastic) but I really don't like their thick brushes. Also, I find it really hard to buy a bottle of nail polish for $8.50/$9.
Essie has some really beautiful colors but sometimes the formula cane be a little dodgy (super runny and thin or really thick and goopy) and they do have a tendency to be streaky. But I do love those bottles. So easy to store and they look so beautiful! But the price here can be a turn-off at $8 a bottle.
If you look at my collection in a whole, I have the most China Glaze. I really like their brushes and their color variety is really nice. I also like that they have glitters and that they're relatively cheap ($4-$6). But sometimes their formula can be tricky as well.
If you want cheap polish with good coverage, I'd go with Sally Hanson Xtreme Wear. Their color variety can be really limited depending on where you shop, but their formula is really easy to work with... even if they do have those thick brushes I don't like, lol. they're also really good to do water marbling with, which is a major plus!
All in all, I don't have a favorite brand per-say. All these brands are worth mentioning and I recommend them to everyone. It just depends on how much you're willing to spend and the color you're looking for.

Have you always had long nails?
No, actually, I used to bite them. Right down to the nubs. They constantly hurt and looked awful. So in 2004 I decided to take action and stop. I got that nail polish by orly that tastes nasty, used it everyday and slowly but surely they began to grow. Habits are hard to break, and I did have some fall backs, but I've been able to break it and have had long nails ever since. Well, not long. But with at least some length so that they look pretty, lol.  

How do you keep your cuticles healthy?
I don't do anything terribly special, but this is what I do... do, lol.
*I push them back with cuticle remover, er, I'd say about once every couple of weeks. Usually when they look like the need to be cleaned up. I used to do it strictly once a week, but I found using the next step kept them so well kept that it really wasn't necessary to do them once a week. So I switched it up a little.
*Every night before bed I massage my cuticles with a healthy dose of cuticle lotion to keep then hydrated. I really like Lemony Flutter by LUSH ( even if it is a tab bit too greasy) but pretty much any cuticle lotion/cream will do. This also helps with cell renewal, making any boo-boo's heal really fast.
*But my real secret is just before I take pictures I dab some cuticle oil around my nails. This keeps them looking really clean and healthy in pictures, even when they aren't so. It's like magic!!!!

What does your username mean?
I've been using this username since 2002. So, naturally, it has a lot to do with what I was into when I was 13. The 'Cowboy' part, is for Jack Kelly (Newsies) and the 'Slightly' part is for Peter Pan's Lost boy, Slightly Soiled. Therefore, combining to make 'Cowboy_Slightly.'

A Brief History of this account:
This account was created in 2003 and was used to share my drawing; what little of it I posted.
In 2008 I decided to shake this place up after a few years of hiatus to display my photos, photoshop tutorials, and photo-manipulations.
Now, in 2012, I have decided to renovate again, deleting everything I didn't like and giving this place a new purpose. Sharing my nail art! I really hope you enjoy!
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April 4, 2012